I Just love to play music!

If I can get you to tap your foot, sing along, or better yet get up and dance then we're all havin' a good time.  

I grew up on 70's and 80's Rock and then fell in love with 90's Country and have been 2 steppin' since!   So I'm going to mix those genres together in my shows cause I want to see you go "oh yeah, I remember that one!".   

My primary instrument growing up was the Acoustic Guitar.  About 20 years ago I picked up the Bass and have been playing that ever since in various bands along the way and in my church praise band every Sunday.   Don't be surprised to see me break out a harmonica as well - you can check that out on the Video's page!

Barry Vonada (Shawnee, KS)

Let's Book a Show!

Restaurant/Bar, Winery-Distillery-Tap Room, Corporate/Private Event.  Whatever your event let's talk!      Contact Me

I am a Solo Performer but I use customized instrument tracks to deliver an Energetic Full Band sound.   Checkout my Videos  -   Music Samples  -  Set List.

Playing music is my hobby and most all of us do this because we LOVE music and performing.  My goal is always to deliver an outstanding musical performance that your customers will enjoy and will be an asset for your establishment/event.   If you want a quality, professional musician for your customers and the genre I bring matches, then we're a great fit!  

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